“The laborer’s appetite works for him; his hunger drives him on.” (Proverbs 16:26)


Clifford Hunt, affectionately known as Cliff or Cliffy, is a young culinary artist in New York who, in recent years, has fully embraced the notion of feeding one’s faith and starving one’s fears.  Doing so has certainly led him to many plates of opportunity in today’s culinary world.


Born and raised in Chicago, Cliff was the only child of two loving, but stern parents, who invested in all his future endeavors.  He is fortunate to have an extended family that has remained encouraging of his goals and enthusiastic about all his accomplishments, whether past, present or future.  Ironically, it took the devastating loss of Cliff’s mother during his third year at Morehouse College for him to discover his true passion and love of life…FOOD!!!


After graduating from Morehouse in 2012 he spent a year in Chicago teaching and planning his next creative move. Following much discussion with family, reflection on life, and an ever growing love for food and all that encompasses fine cuisine; Cliff migrated to the bustling avenues of New York City to live a dream.


Today Cliff is a culinary graduate of the International Culinary Center in NYC and while balancing his full-time corporate endeavors he is diligently hoping to one day add value to the face of the food scene not only in New York but globally! You can find Mr. Hunt interning in kitchens across the city, catering for new clients willing to experience his culinary creations, or hosting alongside another chef at the Gentlemen’s Kitchen Showcases.


Cliff’s hunger drives him to try anything once and through the brand of Culinary Cliff he aspires to tell the story of life through the plate to your palate!


Bon Appetit … KEEP EATING!

Photo Courtesy of Korey Williams

"Telling life's story on the plate through the palate"