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    Let me start off by welcoming you to CulinaryCliff.com!  After much deliberation, reflection, and a push from very close supporters, I now present to you my very own website. I am so excited to be kicking off the early part of 2015 by starting something that I’ve always dreamt of - having my own space to talk about all things food. Food is not only important in daily life, but food is also a reflection of life and impacts one's life personally and globally. Food can propel you on a great adventure, and it allows you to select your own journey and to share it in an unique way.


    At 20—I faced one of the most challenging hurdles of my life. I lost my mother who had been my main life line, heart and soul. As a child my mother and I often spent a lot of time in the kitchen talking about life and cooking. I fondly remember her often making me her delicious chicken noodle soup or her famous green beans.


    While still in college and coping from the loss of my mother, I found solace in the kitchen. It was there I discovered healing and regained my strength to continue on my life's journey. The kitchen reminded me of my mother and the conversations we would have. It was how we bonded. Not only do I find cooking to be therapeutic, I also find it thoroughly enjoyable. As others tasted my creations, I realized that I had a natural talent for it. So, I continued experimenting and doing whatever I could to hone my craft before deciding to attend culinary school in New York City. I decided I wanted to tell my life story through food, expressing emotions, ideas, and adding my creative perspective into what I create.


    I don't consider myself to be a chef; I see myself as an artist, because I take my life experiences and express myself through food. While growing up in inner-city Chicago, I never imagined my life would lead me to pursuing a passion in food.  Expressing myself through food and seeing my works of art provide comfort and nourishment to others has been extremely rewarding. In the kitchen is where I found my calling. From there, my love of food has blossomed to where I am today.


    Throughout this site you'll discover more about my journey as a young culinary artist, learn more about the events I'm hosting throughout the city, as well as hear about other events that are happening around the city and world. Need a recipe for "date night"? Check out my Food Stories section.  Maybe you're looking for a special place to eat in the city? This section of the site will also include reviews of the various restaurants I've tried. Or perhaps you're looking for someone to cater your next event! Visit the Culinary Connection section of my site and send me a message.


    Thank you for your time and support.


    Bon Appetite...let's EAT!


"Telling life's story on the plate through the palate"